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Dri-It Humidity Absorber

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A BETTER way to control humidity in enclosed spaces! Perfect for Closets, Bathrooms, Basements, Attics, Kitchens, Storage Lockers, Boats, and RVs
  • Eliminates odors while reducing Mold, Mildew and Rust
  • Completely self-contained in pre-measured, ready- to-use, peel and stick individual pouches No pouring; no spilling like other brands
  • Eco-Safe Disposal; once the beads turn to gel, simply toss in the household trash - Eco-Safe for landfills
  • designed specifically for storage units, lasts up to 6 months in a 10' x 10' unit (under non-extreme conditions)
  • absorbs nearly 300% of its weight in water
  • ready to use, no assembly required
  • completely safe, non-toxic materials
  • no spills or loose chemicals
  • odor free
  • easy applications with self-adhesive backing (only stick to tough surfaces ie; unpainted metal walls)
  • contains one 125 gram pouches and one humidity indicator

Product Description

The DRI-IT Single Pack Moisture Absorber contains One Pouch, which is pre-measured, completely self-contained and ready to use. Moisture is absorbed through a breathable membrane that looks like paper. One side has a peel-and-stick backing that can be stuck to non-delicate surfaces (or just place anywhere without using the sticky backing). When the environmentally safe Calcium Chloride beads turn into gel, simply toss it into your household trash for Eco-Safe disposal. Each Pouch of The DRI-IT Moisture Absorber will dehumidify an enclosed area up to approximately 50 cubic feet. How long it will last depends on the relative humidity of the enclosed space. Every DRI-IT Single Pack includes a distinctive HUMIDITY INDICATOR CARD as part of our UNIQUE HUMIDITY SOLVING SYSTEM. It will help to verify if you have enough DRI-IT product for the size of your space and to indicate when you need to add a new pouch to maintain humidity control.

From the Manufacturer

DRI-IT Single Pack Moisture Absorber is part of DRI-IT's UNIQUE HUMIDITY SOLVING SYSTEM which provides a better way to control humidity in enclosed spaces! It's perfect for Closets, Basements, Attics, Kitchens, Storage Lockers, Gun Lockers, Boats, and RVs. DRI-IT Moisture Absorber eliminates odors by reducing Mold, Mildew, and Rust. DRI-IT uses highly effective, environmentally sound Calcium Chloride beads to wick moisture out of the air much faster than competitive products. They come in pre-measured, completely self-contained, ready-to-use, peel-and-stick individual pouches. It has Eco-Safe disposal; once the beads turn to gel, simply toss in the household trash. Environmentally safe for landfills. PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA!

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