Sierra Self Storage offers a variety of unit sizes to meet just about any storage need. We hope the information offered here will help you select the right size unit for your needs and budget. Our staff is always ready to offer helpful advice with this process. Be sure to give us a call if there's anything we can help with!

Suggestion for storage in various sized units:


A couch and a chair, chest of drawers or dresser, mattress set, plus small items and boxes. Outdoor furniture, lawn mowers, garden tools, etc. Bicycles and/or motorcycles.


Furniture from a one-bedroom apartment without appliances, also small items and boxes.


Furniture from a two-bedroom house with appliances, miscellaneous items and cartons. Also may be used to store a car or truck and other small items.


Furniture from a three-bedroom house with miscellaneous items and cartons. Will hold contents of a 40 foot moving van. Also may be used to store a car or truck and other small items. Boats or RV's and furniture and cartons can fit in our 'high-bay' units (10 foot high ceilings!). 


These units are as big as a standard garage!  All the items in a large home or the contents of a cross country moving van will fit in this unit.  Several of our business clients use these units for inventory management and equipement storage.

Found the right size unit for your your storage needs?  Go our Unit Reservations page and reserve it now!

Go to our Storage Space Estimator to get specific suggestions on which storage unit will meet your needs!  This handy online calculator will recommend a unit to meet your needs, provide a list of recommended packing & moving supplies and provide a printable list of stats that you might find useful in selecting a rental truck or hiring a moving service.