Sierra Self Storage offers subterranean units that feature stable temperatures, non-condensing environments, and low relative humidity.  These plots were constructed from over 9,000 readings taken over a year's time in a representative unit.  

Temperature/Dew Point - click for larger image(click on the thumbnail image to view the large image)

This first plot shows that the dew point, the temperature at which condensation would form, never reached the actual unit temperature thus assuring that the unit was condensation free.  Also, the unit temperature never approached freezing nor exceeded the low 80's!

Relative Humidity - click for larger image!(click on the thumbnail image to view the large image)

The Relative humidity plot shows that the humidity was never too dry to damage most finished wood surfaces, but never too high to promote mildew.

What does this mean to you?  Peace of mind.  Peace of mind in knowing that your important files, furnishings and other possessions are stored in an environment that not only provides state-of-art security features but also minimizes the chance of moisture, mold and temperature damage.

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